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Surgical Face Mask
MaXsmile 105209

Since the beginning of the pandemic, people with hearing impairments in Switzerland have been encountering additional challenges – compulsory mask-wearing means that they can no longer lip-read, so they understand very little. The solution is transparent masks, whereby the lips remain visible.

  • Mouth area remains visible, which enables lip-reading
  • Currently the only certified transparent surgical face mask on the Swiss market
  • Tested in accordance with EN 14683:2019+AC:2019
  • Bacterial filtration efficiency of ≥ 98%
  • Produced in collaboration with the Swiss hearing impairment associations
  • Elastic ear straps make the mask easier to put on and take off
  • Swiss Engineered – Swiss Made
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Produced in collaboration with:

For which purposes is the Flawa Surgical Face Mask Transparent MaXsmile suitable?

Since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the obligation to wear face masks in many public places has put people with hearing impairments who rely on lip-reading at a huge disadvantage. The Surgical Face Mask Transparent MaXsmile from Flawa makes lip-reading possible, which significantly facilitates communication. Also for teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, counsellors, employees in retirement homes and homes for disabled people, etc. Surgical face masks (Class I medical device) are primarily used to protect other people from being exposed to any infectious droplets exhaled by the person wearing the mask. Although these masks also provide the wearer with limited protection if they fit tightly, this is not the primary purpose of their use.

Institiutions’ trust in us

Testing and conformity of protective masks

CE marking
By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer declares that the product has been subjected to a conformity procedure in accordance with the applicable Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on personal protective equipment. For consumers/users, this means that the products meet the basic health and safety requirements and are suitable for their defined purpose. The CE marking serves as a passport within the EU/EEA. Accordingly, the principle of the free movement of goods applies to these products (with a few country-specific exceptions).

EU Declaration of Conformity

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Sales units for the Surgical Face Mask Transparent Type II MaXsmile 105209

25 pcs.

1 shrink bag containing 25 masks | Ref.: 105209

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Interested in larger quantities?

Then feel free to send an email to masken@flawaconsumer.com
or give us a call: +41 71 394 91 11

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Interested in larger quantities?

Then feel free to send an email to masken@flawaconsumer.com or give us a call: +41 71 394 91 11

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Layer model

Design: 3-ply non-woven fabric (outer layer, filter layer/melt-blown, inner layer)


Water-repellent spunbond non-woven fabric


Melt-blown filter (filters out coronaviruses with a diameter of approx. 0.12 microns)


Skin-friendly spunbond non-woven fabric

The following materials are used to manufacture this product:

  • Three-ply non-woven fabric – outer layer, filter layer/melt-blown, inner layer
  • Elastic ear strap – polyamide/elastane
  • Nose clip – metal/polypropylene
  • Mask weight – approx. 3 grams
  • Clear panel – CPP (cast polypropylene) film
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Technical data

Type II surgical face masks have a bacterial filtration efficiency of ≥ 98%

Elastic ear straps make the mask easier to put on and take off

Flat design for space-saving storage

Nose clip for optimal fit

Mouth area remains visible, which enables lip-reading

In-house production and laboratory controls

Bacterial filtration efficiency
of ≥ 98%

Product features

elastic straps

High-quality filter
for optimum protection

Excellent air



Large clear panel
for good lip visibility

Data sheets and certificates

Frequently asked questions

What does Type II stand for?

What do I need to bear in mind when using a mask?

Wofür steht Typ IIR?

Swiss protective masks, made in Flawil, SG

With over 100 years of experience, Flawa Consumer GmbH in Switzerland develops and produces cotton products and innovative fresh soles, primarily for the European market. In April 2020, Flawa responded to the supply shortage of protective masks at that time by setting up its own mask production facility. The expertise gained since then has transformed Flawa’s initial goal of ensuring domestic supply security into a long-term, third mainstay for the company, i.e. the production high-quality respirators; developed and produced in Switzerland.

The first batch of over 100,000 universal masks was sold out within minutes. Over several months, Flawa continuously optimised and expanded its mask production, enabling it to become the first company to produce FFP2 masks in Switzerland. It also manufactures additional mask types in the country, such as the widely used Type IIR face masks.

Flawa currently operates six plants for the production of various types of respirators, with two additional plants at the planning stage. Three of the existing plants produce FFP2 masks. The production capacity of these plants is around 500,000 FFP2 masks per week.

Flawa supplies its FFP2 masks to the Swiss federal government – other customers include retailers and foreign countries. Furthermore, bottlenecks in the procurement of raw materials due to increased demand are not an issue thanks to the company’s long-standing relationships with extremely reliable suppliers – the Flawa masks can be made ready for shipment at short notice. The filtration efficiency of the masks is regularly tested at the company’s in-house QA laboratory before they reach the market.

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«Wir haben viele Masken probiert, aber die FLAWA-Masken schließen perfekt am Gesicht ab, sehen gut aus und sind angenehm zu tragen.»

Dr. Alexandra Heinzelmann, www.inno-mind.de
Kundenfeedback 29.03.2021

«Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dieser Maske. Ich trage sie an der Arbeit, obwohl wir Einwegmasken zur Verfügung gestellt erhalten. Ich fühle mich sicherer mit dieser Maske, da ich zu den Risikopersonen gehöre. So wollte ich auch ein Zeichen setzen am Arbeitsplatz mit einer zertifizierten Maske. Sie ist einfacher im Handling als die Einwegmaske, sie sitzt gut und man benötigt zum Anziehen keinen Spiegel.»

Kundenfeedback-Nr. 300 vom 29.08.2020

«Das Atmen fällt viel leichter als wir uns das vorgestellt haben. Endlich müssen wir uns nicht mehr mit CE-Nr. und Zertifikaten irgendwelcher Anbieter rumschlagen!»

Kundenfeedback-Nr. 363 vom 12.09.2020

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